Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I Write In Here

There may be some misconceptions with some of the posts I have made on here and why I choose to post them, so I wanted to make a little explanation of somethings.

1. The reason I put my name behind every thing I said is because as the time of writing them I stand behind everything, sure ideas change and it's important to embrace those changes but I am honest. I would hope that these opinions do not alter anyone's opinion of me as a person as I respect every other opinion as equal to mine.

2. I am not anti-government AT ALL, I'm anti-poorly/inefficiently run government and truly believe more people need to utilize the tools available to talk about this publicly.

3. I am not anti-education! It's 2014 and there are new ways to educate, it frustrates me that some of the brightest minds are going un-nurtured because they have no opportunity to learn what actually interests them or important "life skill" information.

4. It's frustrating seeing the media manipulate the public into believing they only have two choices when voting in an election.

5. In my day to day life I notice very little discussion of these issues, so this is my place to vent.

The world is a pretty great place and there has never been a better time to live on this planet, it's my goal to help in however I can to keep it this way.

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  1. I love this post. 1. Integrity and Honesty very rare in many marketers 2. Love this one, positive spin on Occupy 3. Could not agree more, there are better ways to get an education that going deep into debt for a marketing degree. 4. I love the third option Libertarian 5. Most people get uncomfortable with these deeper important topics. They would rather talk about sports and the weather.