Friday, January 28, 2011

The use of 2-D codes in Metro Detroit

I just stumbled upon this article from Mashable that gives the 10 Commandments of effectively using 2-D codes in Marketing.

This article made me realize how the Metro-Detroit area are so antiquated when it comes to using technology for Marketing purpose. 2-D codes are much easier to use than the failed CueCat device that was nothing but difficult to use, 2-D readers apps are easy to get on a smartphone and the code is easily read by the device, unlike the trail and error of using traditional bar-codes. The possible advantage of 2-D codes is huge, but it seems odd to me that no one I know talks about or uses this technology.

In reality this comes down to using the internet experience on the go to assist your shopping. As a bargain hunter myself, access to prices and product information is fantastic, but I rarely spend the time to actually look things up that are found in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. The ability to offer discounts and value-added promotions could be revolutionary, but I am venturing to state that this technology will not thrive like some expect, it will exist for years but will be a niche product in regards to the end consumer.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Me, new media, music and how I want to help you!

Welcome to!

First I would like to share a bit about myself as an introduction.

I have worked in Marketing at various levels for 7+ years and have expertise in the Music and Entertainment industries. My past work includes working with artists such as The Romantics and King Gordy, in addition to various film and lifestyle projects. Currently I work in an educational setting as a Marketing Specialist for one of the nation's largest Community Colleges.

My professional history also includes experience in music retail that helped to expand my knowledge and understanding of the thought processes that exist when a customer is making an entertainment related purchase. The massive change that occurred in how Entertainment is distributed, marketed and sold has occurred steadily throughout the time that I have been active in the field.

On here will be any relevant information regarding new ideas of how to Market Entertainment in an effective and cost sensitive manner. My personal experience gears toward Music, but I don't want to limit this blog to that as there are many other innovative ideas that can be shared to help do-it-yourself labels and artists get their music heard without breaking the bank.