Monday, December 30, 2013

Cicada 3301 for 2014 May Have Already Begun

Yesterday upon scouring search engines and TOR for more information about this mystery, I came upon a new potential clue. Utilizing chat logs, screenshots and other information found on the excellent Uncovering Cicada Wiki I performed a Google search with the words "Cicada" and "Craigslist" which led me to this posting on Craigslist's Portland Missed Encounters page that was apparently posted on Saturday. The following text was included in the posting:
When I enter a search for "Liber aL decoded" I am presented with the buzz on the mysterious "Cicada 3301" phenomena. Amusing and curious. I've only glossed over the material & challenges. High level crypto isn't my cup of tea, but that isn't what has me puzzled.
Liber aL broadened my understanding of information technologies: stereograms, steganography, and holography. It helped me in my pursuit of the divine language.
If you desire progress, enlightenment...or, revolutionary technology, I would suggest flexing your intellect in pursuit of the same.
Why a cicada? I'm partial to bees and spiders.
the(3)instar(6)emergence(9) <== I love triangles too.
A few things jumped out at me, first let me quote the last major Cicada clue that was found in an MP3 titled "The Instar Emergence" 
Parable 1,595,277,641
Like the instar, tunneling to the surface\n
We must shed our own circumferences;\n
Find the divinity within and emerge.
The Craigslist posting has many references to this and other previous Cicada clues including:

  1. The description clearly states "the instar emergence"
  2. Mentioning the "buzz" of the Cicada phenomena when the hidden parable was found within the "buzz" of the mp3 clue.
  3. The pursuit of the "divine language" and "Find the divinity" which seems to be a reference to the Divine Ratio, which is also necessary for Sierpinski Triangles.
  4. "Liber aL" or "The Book Of The Law" by Aleister Crowley that has been referenced in previous Cicada clues and is known to be written in code.
  5. "Shedding the circumferences" which could refer to both the snake found in the middle of the Sierpinski Triangle clue that is attached to the posting, one of the characters found in the same image and the fact that Sierpinski Triangles are known fractals and that this is only a Level 3 Sierpinski Triangle.
As the extent of my computer hardware is an iPad and my vacation is nearing a close, it's necessary that I hand this off to the community to further investigate and verify if this is in fact a Cicada clue with the public key. The little I did do on a relative's PC included using Hexplorer on both of the images and finding some interesting results. I don't want to go further into this until it is verified by someone in the community.

I am disappointed that I lack the hardware or free time to pursue this, thanks Detroit for having an interest in Mathematics and working in a field where I never get to exercise that part of my brain besides on vacation.

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