Sunday, December 29, 2013

Is the goal of Cicada 3301 to achieve The Singularity?

The Cicada 3301 puzzle is clearly the most insane recruitment strategy ever created, but with all the speculation of what this mysterious group is recruiting for not one person has brought up what seems to be the most obvious conclusion based on the information we are led to believe is true.

My postulation is that the end goal of Cicada 3301 is to ensure at any cost that The Singularity is achieved to improve the world. There is no way I could do nearly as thorough of a job sifting through this data as those on the Uncovering Cicada Wiki, but the information we were provided about this mysterious group is as follows:
As it turned out, my opinions and my goals were very much in line with that organization: at the political level, I lean towards freedom, which is called at the time. I am well-educated in science, mathematics, and foreign policy. I was non-religious at the time in those first days. Philosophically, I agree with the ideas of Sartre and Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and so I believe in random universe - one in humans that were not more than a coincidence. No absolute moral right and wrong. That the value of a man is what he does. I also believe that we can (and should) aspire to reach the next "level" - as individuals and mankind as a whole: Nietzsche "Übermensch". I didn’t know then, but this is one of the main focuses of the Cicada. They believe they possess wisdoms to transform human to Übermensch. Cicada give knowledge to members slowly as they progress up pyramid.
"Übermensch" is the death of god and the creation of new values and reaching the next "level" is using technology to enhance our physical being.

• Believe in Heylighen’s ideas on global brain. In fact, the idea of global brain with humans as individual neurons arise on a regular basis.
• Believe in absolute freedom. Individual and the information.
• Believe in the philosophy of the Jesuit "the end justifies the means." Through this idea to justify their actions do not always follow their own belief systems and philosophies.
• Other philosophy they use is "what you resist persists" by Jung, and the Jesuit corollary "create what you fear most." For example, if you are afraid of resistance and rebellion, then send operators to create resistance and rebellion. This way, you can direct the energy of the people, embrace it, let it dwindle, and at the same time minimize the damage.
• They believe that there is no inherent meaning to anything. That all things are “empty and meaningless” and that “all things are always whole, perfect, and complete”
• They believe that within each person there is a "God." Not "God" in the sense of most religions, it is more like Übermensch in the writings of Nietzsche. They also see the Global Brain as another kind of "God"
• Their mantra is "I am always enough." (Again, Übermensch)
• Teach followers to "Find a death every day." It doesn’t mean literal death. Instead there is a double meaning: 1) know you're going to die, so, nothing matters, and 2) Find the death of the “I” or the ego.
• They teach five-levels view of human. However, they eventually put five levels down to one thing (ie “There is no soul distinct from the body”). This is a feature of the left hand path belief systems.
• They teach that absolute morality does not exist
• They teach there is no "real" reality. That all reality is dependent on the observer.
• They teach "There is no salvation in life; For there is nothing from which we must be saved."  I believed this for long time.
 The folly of many who have analyzed this information is that they are serving a religious or spiritual goal which seems impossible by what has been said. The "global brain" philosophy matches up perfectly with The Singularity and Transhumanism, the openness of the lack of meaning of life, reality and morality are clearly aligned with a segment that is ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence to improve their life. The phrase "I Am Always Enough" really is the most important piece of information, and doing a search of this phrase could provide some additional Cicada 3301 clues.
Cicada 3301 is, perhaps, the most dangerous organization the world has ever known. They are smart, large, well-funded, and very dedicated. The level of loyalty among their members approaches fanaticism. 
They're not really occult like the leaker said. But it is somewhat similar to a religion in the sense that they provide a way to change -- to transform yourself. To take yourself to the next level. The next evolutionary step. Beyond yourself. Beyond your society. Beyond your own existence. Past all and into enlightenment. As soon as a person reaches that level they are snatched up (not all go willingly, although most do). They are dangerous, because they will usher in the demise of society as we know it. They are wonderful because what they bring in to replace it will be far superior.
In the mean time, they watch us all quietly. Waiting for us to achieve the enlightenment they try to lead us towards. And when we do, we disappear. To join the latest brood, and to move forward at last.
This was posted by someone explaining the group's motivation. The description describes "the next step of evolution" as merging with computers and creating a new society that will be vastly better than what we have now. It's very important to note that 3301 is said to be well-funded, large and smart...more on this later.

The final important piece of information illustrating my belief was made by someone who claimed to have been in contact with those who were successful in the past:
Here's what I've learned:
  • Even after making it, you have to truly prove yourself as an individual to get anywhere. And they'll kick you out if they even think you are a security risk. 
  • Their structure and beliefs are accurately described in the infamous Cicada Warning document. Some people believe it really was a leak. Some people think it was a fake leak. Some think it was fake altogether. Either way, multiple people who "made it" confirmed that a lot of the info contained was accurate.
  • They are very good at what they do. Which suggests a level of professional training beyond what people get in the "civilian" world. Many of the higher-up members seem to be former intelligence officers. 
  • They have their hands in information security, and international relations. They may even be involved with the TED conferences.
  • One of their leaders goes by the alias "magicicada," the genus of 13- and 17-year periodical cicadas. magicicada seems to mastermind a lot of Cicada 3301 operations. 
  • They tell new recruits that their goal is to improve freedom around the world. 
  • They do a lot of weird shit with prime numbers, cryptography, and ancient mystery stuff. Like Aleister Crowley.
  • They apparently try to "hack" reality, like they would hack computers. By making small changes that result in larger changes. (Not sure of a specific example, but this is what one person who had made it told me after he got kicked out.) 
  • They seem to have a large and international presence. They seem to be very well funded. 
  • They seem to have serious scholars in other areas than security and cryptography. Even including philosophy, art, diplomacy, etc. 
  • There could be a military connection. Or an NSA connection. But it seems more like people in NSA or military joined. Not that the NSA or military created Cicada. Which is consistent with the "good at what they do" point.
 In December of 2012, Google named Rey Kurzweil as Director of Engineering. Kurzweil was the inventor of the flatbead scanner, print-to-speech technology for the blind and other innovations for computers to access new types of data. Kurzweil's greatest claim to fame however is his belief in The Singularity when computers can out think humans, therefore mandating computer-based human enhancements. The post-singularity world is also defined as Transhumanism, as many believe humans can be essentially immortal after merging with machines. Kurzweil has been making predictions based on Moore's Law for decades and so far has been astoundingly accurate. With the funding of Google the advancements necessary could enable Kurzweil to put this shift in process.

In order to ensure The Singularity happens a global community of the brightest minds is necessary. What's equally necessary is the need of scientists to study the human brain, foreign relations specialists to ensure peace and lack of Governmental oversight to slow down the process which could be the reason for the covert operation.

As crazy as the idea of Transhumanism seems to most people, it's actually a future I think is possible and should be a goal we strive for. Extending life, eliminating diseases, eliminating depression and improving everything we do exponentially are noble and great things that all require the lack of religious belief to occur.

I am not the only person who buys into this as the idea of Transhumanism is extremely popular among the brightest and richest minds of Silicon Valley. Bill Joy the cofounder of Sun Microsystems, Mitch Kapor the founder of Lotus, Larry Page the CEO of Google and executives representing Nokia, Cisco, Autodesk and others all are believers in Transhumanism, and they all have an awful lot of money to make sure it has the best shot possible of happening in their lifetimes. The development of this could mirror BitCoin, in fact it wouldn't surprise me at all if BitCoin was a product of Cicada 3301 as the stated inventor appears to be a phantom.

The signs of Cicada 3301 are all there, from the types of people they are targeting with their recruiting, to their resources, their methodology and their stated purpose. If anyone from the organization is against my public speculation of this, please let me know as I am extremely sympathetic to your cause.

Either way January 4th, 2014 will be an interesting day, that's for sure.


  1. It's just an ARG. Even if there was truly an organization behind this, the level of naïvety involved in their so-called goals seems to remind me more of a group of neckbeards from the first world with no concept of the level of inequality we live in rather than an actual intelligence-trained personnel.
    The people who are trying to speed up the process of singularity are nothing more than manchildren who got a bit too excited with their techie toys. Kurzweil is a good example of that (he isn't the futurist he sets out himself to be although he's made some great inventions; he's a skilled and inventive engineer but let's not blow shit out of proportion). And I'm kind of mad about this because I'm in the IT field (I work in the BI field, and I'm a year away from graduating as a information systems engineer) and I grew up eating bread with mustard for lunch because we couldn't afford food at times. So when I see everyone in the first world going nuts about the singularity I truly have to ask myself - in what world do you live in? Put one foot outside the first world and the singularity is eons away - not only because of the economic disparities (brought by the exploitation financed by the first world, by the way) but also because the technical infrastructure and the quality of the software is extremely bad (well commercial software tends to be pretty substandard 90% of the time regardless of where you live).

    1. You aren't wrong, but look at Africa - people don't have clean water, but they'll have smartphones. Disruptive technology spreads, and the Singularity is the sort of thing that's really good at spreading.

      Not that I disagree about your appraisal of Cicada - if it's even real, it sounds like the sort of group that gets really good at creating the sort of "we have made an amazing breakthrough" feeling in their members, but not necessarily achieving anything. That said, the article is very rich on fluff ("We are Cicada 3301. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.") and low on any demonstration of actual awesomeness. Good writing, though.

  2. In the 2017 effort , there is one particular A-HA moment. When you get that, you will understand and know how to quickly shuffle your way past false paths and jug handles. There are so many roads oe can take that end up at liberty.

  3. Sorry about the typo, There are "so many roads' one can take that end up at "liberty". , also to help you find that moment , "Dark Star" , "in the strangest of places you can get shown the light" -(Scarlet Begonias) - "Dire Wolf" , if the 2017 puzzle is real I think people are probably missing the biggest and loudest clue in the puzzle