Friday, June 29, 2012

So there's this girl....

Personally this has been a tough week for me for reasons I don't wish to go into here. Compounding this issue is one of realizing who gives a shit and who doesn't. There is this girl that I have been friends with for months, she became my best friend and it was obvious there was something there...although neither one of us could pinpoint it.

Well after a stressful week she proved that she did not care about me at all, all she cared about was getting fucked by some guy who will treat her like shit. Maybe this is the "nice guy syndrome" but fuck that, that's who I am and I don't give a shit if someone likes it or not. So I finally give someone a chance at my friendship and they completely fuck me over.

I can't think any less of you right now, I think you are a terrible person who takes advantage of people when they are low. I wish I could tell you this all to your face but it is for the best if I do not speak to you, so instead I will sit here lamenting losing my best friend during a trying time.

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