Friday, January 28, 2011

The use of 2-D codes in Metro Detroit

I just stumbled upon this article from Mashable that gives the 10 Commandments of effectively using 2-D codes in Marketing.

This article made me realize how the Metro-Detroit area are so antiquated when it comes to using technology for Marketing purpose. 2-D codes are much easier to use than the failed CueCat device that was nothing but difficult to use, 2-D readers apps are easy to get on a smartphone and the code is easily read by the device, unlike the trail and error of using traditional bar-codes. The possible advantage of 2-D codes is huge, but it seems odd to me that no one I know talks about or uses this technology.

In reality this comes down to using the internet experience on the go to assist your shopping. As a bargain hunter myself, access to prices and product information is fantastic, but I rarely spend the time to actually look things up that are found in a traditional brick-and-mortar store. The ability to offer discounts and value-added promotions could be revolutionary, but I am venturing to state that this technology will not thrive like some expect, it will exist for years but will be a niche product in regards to the end consumer.

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