Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Police Burned Chris Dorner Alive

Last night I listened to 4 hours of the only LAPD Scanner stream left on the internet, and what I heard was jarring and thankfully recordings made it on the net. The reason only one stream was left is because the police asked media to only use film from far away and used a 4G signal blocker while the building was strategically set on fire by "burners" mentioned in the below video. It's also of note that the building owner stated there was no Television or Internet connection in the house (which the police already knew), therefore what they stated to the media was a lie.....

Here is the video with the 5 minutes of audio as it's burning, with the way the mainstream media is avoiding this part of the may want to watch it quick:

Remember the most important thing to do is to make sure your mainstream news media knows about this and also that many people know. It's about time ruthless police departments who do anything to protect themselves get their justice, Dorner's methods were savage and wrong but let's make sure something good comes of this....which is the public outing of what justice really means within the city of Los Angeles and the State of California.

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